Every historic building or site has a past. The people who occupied these spaces lived lives full of stories. These stories are the inspiration behind The Ghosts of Fort Pierce Past Walking Tour. Every year around Halloween, Main Street Fort Pierce organizes walking tours in downtown Fort Pierce that bring alive the past – literally with live actors performing the parts of general or specific people from the past.

New this year is the addition of a 4th tour and the expansion of the event to encompass two evenings instead of one. This year’s event will take place on Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27th. The tours start at 5:30 p.m. with additional tours leaving every 15 minutes until 7:30 p.m. There are approximately 10 stops on each tour and each tour is 1 to 1.5 hours in length. There is a $5 per person donation (children under 5 are free) per tour.

The Ghosts of Fort Pierce Past historic walking tour sells out every year and reservations are required. For more information or to place a reservation, please call Main Street Fort Pierce at 466-3880. Participants need to arrive 15 minutes before their tour and wear comfortable walking shoes. The Ghosts of Fort Pierce Past Historic Walking Tour is fun for the entire family.

If you miss the Ghost Walking Tour you can still learn more about Fort Pierce by taking a Historic Trolley Tour. Scheduled tours will start again in November. Private tours are available. For more information call Sue Dannahower (772) 618-0155.

The 4 tours are as follows:

img_4527The South Tour (Wednesday, October 26) starts from the City Hall Plaza (between the new parking garage & the City Hall building) This tour will enter the Sunrise Theatre where you may encounter one of the many ghostly ushers who still roam the building. Then it will wander through the haunted 111 Orange building where spirits move to greet you. You will encounter an authentic blacksmith reenacting his early profession. Other stops include Mr. Miley, reporter and editor for the Fort Pierce News and Mr. Klopp, the courthouse architect who was crushed by a 10-ton safe.

img_4536The North Tour (Wednesday, October 26) starts from the City Hall Plaza (between the new parking garage & the City Hall building) and includes a stop at Fee’s Hardware & Mortuary where the notorious Ashley Gang’s bodies were laid out “dead” on the sidewalk. Throughout the evening you will hear the explosion of cannons detonated by a squadron of soldiers reenacting wartime. Other stops include pioneer rancher Henry Flagler and the “Night Train” and Zora Neale Hurston, former folklorist and author.

img_4581The Edgartown Tour (Thursday, October 27) leaves from the Platts/Backus on 122 A.E. Backus Avenue. This tour features Lucinda Lagow, the wife of Edgartown founder, Alford Lagow. She shares the gossip of the early settlers and life as it was in the 1890’s. You will encounter a rugged old fisherman mending his nets reminiscing about his life on the river. The Coral and Yellow houses, sit side-by-side, boast of ghostly souls who wrap on windows and slam doors. Meet Mr. Hill, the official photographer for Henry Flagler and Mrs. McCarty, grandmother of Dan McCarty, whose husband was gunned down in the streets over a land deal.

img_1420The NEW West Tour (Thursday, October 27) will start from the Historic Arcade building on the Northwest corner of US1 and Orange Avenue. This tour features the builder of the Arcade building, which was a popular shopping destination since 1926. Other stops along this tour include: the wife of a cattleman, a postmaster, an Irish priest, a Sandy Shoes Festival Theme Girl, and more.